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Which came first? The chicken or the egg? Nothing? How about this one? Which came first, the successful business or the winning business plan?

I’d put all of my money on the latter if I were you. A Famous quote I tell myself every day is one coined by Seneca, a Roman philosopher.  “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Especially in business, it’s crucial to always have a plan. Here’s why I think it’s important to have a business plan even before you sit with a firm to discuss your web design project!

So here is my small opinion on how BIG writing a business plan is when starting a new business venture.

business plan blog


First, the egg.

A Business Plan is a guide or roadmap you and your team should use to map out the first few years of business. This document should outline company goals, benchmarks, financial projections based on inventory, overhead, and payroll. It’s so important to make sure you have this information gathered before you start marketing & sales because, with it, you’ll be able to point towards results as they relate to your company growth plan and make adjustments. Here are three ways having a business plan will help when starting a web design project or marketing initiative.


Everyone will be on the same page

Your website is a sales funnel. For you to build your funnel properly, each supporting business pillar should be appropriately placed. One-way companies stay on top is by understanding who does what and how it supports the business.

Having your business plan allows any new company you bring in to discuss marketing/web design will know exactly what you and the other company founders will be looking for to discuss growth before we plan a project with you.


Refer to the Company Mission

The business plan will be used ultimately as a key reference point to a discussion of website UX and marketing voice. When there is a document to refer to listing out the company’s goals and mission, it always helps the agency/firm uphold it.


Grow your existing business

Once you’ve listed out the information you’ll need to understand exactly how to run your current business it should be time for you to analyze growth. You’ll find that to hit target audiences in a wide variety of purchasing spaces you’ll want a digital presence.


Now the one thing I want you to keep in mind after reading this is how to move forward. Once you’ve generated that business plan based on your goals and aspirations, it should be time for you to sit and speak with a firm that will help you reach those goals. As I mentioned before, luck is when opportunity meets preparation, let Techleus help you prepare for your business success.

AUTHOR: Mike Melvin