Why Client Contact is Key

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out or a veteran in your industry, strategic client contact should never be overlooked or underutilized. Actively cultivating your relationship with your leads and opportunities is key in keeping your business alive.

People who sign up for your newsletter or email list want to be contacted.

There are two ways you can abuse your subscriber’s trust. One is by not contacting them at all and the other is by overdoing it. This is why you should elucidate the grounds of your contact at the time they sign up.

This can be accomplished by noting the type of newsletter they’re signing up for; weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. An added bonus to specifying your email schedule is that it will also help you plan sales, events, and releases more wisely.

Why is it so important to keep clients informed?

Regular client contact ensures that your subscribers stay familiar with your company. If you don’t continually remind people about your services and products, then they’ll forget about you!

How do you build your business from client contact?

Incentivization, that’s how. By offering a loyalty program you are not only able to build a client base, but you’re able to earn their continued business by offering them specials and access to events. A sale or a small gathering can equal big business.

For example, if you own a salon and find yourself without any appointments for the upcoming week, send an email offering 20% off your most popular service.

Remember 80% of something is always better than 100% of nothing!

The *average open rates for email marketing can be anywhere between 10% to 50%, depending on how well you do it. If you have an email list of 3000 potential clients and you send an email offering them 30% off a full head of highlights, you could get the following results:

30% open rate on 3000 potential customers = 900 people open your email

Out of those 900 people, you could expect to get a conversion rate of anywhere between 3% to 5% depending on how well you communicate with them.

That means up to 45 clients will respond to your email! Again, your schedule was empty before you ran this special.

Anything that brings people into your business will help you develop a personal relationship with them. Keeping your client relationships healthy is key in the growth of your business and reputation. This is how strategic client contact can build your business. Keep at it!

AUTHOR: Ella Wagner