Web Design Project Manager

web design project manager

Web Design Project Manager

From our experience, a web design project manager makes a world of difference to the end result of a web design project. Clients dealing directly with web developers and web designers don’t turn out so well, and we believe it to be a thing of the past. Web design is a culture of its’ own, and talented web developers or web designers don’t usually have the kind of “people skills” that a project manager does. It takes a specific personality type to be successful in client orientated environment. For this exact reason, we’ve found that investing in a web design project manager brings the best results.

Web design project managers don’t actually design or develop anything – they’re more like puppet masters! They connect the dots and clarify communications from the client to the development and design team to ensure that the end result matches the client’s vision.

Dedicating a project manager to a web design project benefits all parties involved for the following three reasons:

  1. Clear Communication. Often, if a developer is to complete a task given directly from the client’s project scope, functions can be misunderstood, or even worse, completely “forgotten” about. By having a web design project manager, they are constantly communicating with both the web developer/designer and the client to double check every task is completed accurately as the client expects.
  2. Structured Phases. The second benefit of having a dedicated web design project manager is that they will ensure that the project meets its’ timeline and that certain tasks are done by specific deadlines. Upholding our end of the timeline agreement is a very important part of the project, as the client is then able to plan for the website to launch on the original date set.
  3. Quality Assurance. Without someone double checking tasks and functions, how are web design agencies able to guarantee a flawless website? A web design project manager will double check every task is completed accurately as the client expects. From spell checking the content to checking even the most hidden links throughout subpages, this is the project manager’s job.

Having a qualified individual dedicate their time on the project to quality assurance, structured project phases and keeping the client happy, we’ve been able to maintain a 100% happy customer reputation. If everyone involved is satisfied with the end result, the web design project manager has done their job!

To learn more about what a web design project manager actually does, have a read of Pantheon’s article here.

AUTHOR: Lyndon Davis