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Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

There is a definitive art to email marketing campaigns. In a world full of noise, if you want to stand out you have to craft a symphony. The perfect email marketing campaign is that symphony.

This article will cover three key elements of an impactful campaign.

How to:

  • Get your emails opened with the right subject line.
  • Create impactful content in your email.
  • Weave a call to action (CTA) into the body of your text to optimize your results.

Take a moment to put yourself in your customer’s shoes.

As they sift through a vast array of emails that hit their inbox, they pass each unopened email and weigh the cost/benefit ratio in a split second for each one. Once they recognize a favorable sender, their eyes shift to the subject line. Herein lies your opportunity to get your email opened.

The subject line.

Feel free to show your personality, but keep it simple and short. Moreover, realize that the email is about them. You also need to magnify the impact their patronage has on your business, without being desperate. Big task? Sure, but it’s not a difficult one. You just need to know your audience and if you promise them something, you must deliver.

Here is an example: You’re a new hair stylist and need to build your portfolio and increase your clientele. This is a common scenario and you can easily kill two birds with one stone.

This is how that email should look:

  • From: (you) Hair Salon
  • Subject: Models Needed!

Now for the body of the email. It is imperative that the information you pass along to your clients is well-planned, relevant, and short. After all, your goal here is to get them to re-engage with your business. When you send the email, do not mention that it has been a while since you’ve seen them. It’s best to assume they’ve been busy, you have nothing to lose by offering them the benefit of the doubt.

The body of the text.

Find the quickest way to tell your client why you’re reaching out to them.

Hi ____,

Last time you were in, you had a root touchup. I’m currently revamping my online portfolio and looking for models! I just need a photo of your hair; the photos don’t need to include your face.

When you come in to get a touch-up, if you would be willing to allow me to add your photo to my online portfolio I will offer a free cut with your next color service.

This tactic can be applied to any type of service, all it takes is a little creativity. “Models” can be replaced for “Yelp Reviews”, “I need your help!”, “Video Testimonies”, etc.

Call to Action (CTA).

This is your chance to tell your clients what to do. The CTA empowers them the act. That looks like this

The offer will expire when my portfolio is full, so call and reserve your spot today!

Talk to you soon!


Your Hair Expert

Now, you have a subject line that will get your email opened. You also know how to write a short email that is to the point and calls them to act upon the information you’ve offered them.

AUTHOR: Ella Wagner
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