Why Having Your Own Website is Better

Everywhere in the world, the Internet has made its’ presence. Thus, the concept of having your own website gives off an enormous amount of value and importance.

We are now at an age when computerization is no longer optional but almost a necessity in every person’s life whether it be for communication, banking, shopping or any other activities that traditionally required you to leave the comfort of your home to do so.

Sites like Squarespace, Wix, or Shopify are well-known “do it yourself” website builders. However, it’s important to know that as long as your website exists on these “DIY” platforms, the website does not belong to you proprietarily. In this article, we’re going to breakdown why you should invest in having your own custom web design instead of using these cookie cutter platforms.

More control.

Relying on a third party website builder will inevitably make you lose complete control over your business because to be in control of your website, you will need unrestricted access to the source code.

No customer distractions.

If you have your own website, all the links and imagery will lead users to more of the products that you are selling. Whereas, third party websites sometimes place up to 20 external links that lure customers away from your website and products.

A better design.

If you rely on these third party DIY platforms for design, you will face the dilemma of looking the same as the thousands of other websites that used that same template. How will your website stand out and be noticed in the midst of all the other stores that are also using that free template? Your website should be unique, it should be a memorable experience that will never be forgotten.

Having a website of your own gives you the freedom to create your own designs that can actually bring out the creativity and individuality represented by your products.

List building is easier.

It is an accepted fact by all internet marketers that you have to be able to collect as many e-mail addresses as possible from potential customers in order for a website to reach its’ full potential. Well, the good news is, if you rely on third party DIY solutions, they will have a long list of e-mail addresses of different buyers. The bad news is, they use them to increase their own business, not yours.

Selling from your own website gives you the freedom to create a custom lead capture funnel that will get you high-quality subscriptions to your mailing list, cross and upsell to them, and then send out special discount offers and even create an automated email series.

Convenience for customers.

Using an eCommerce DIY website builder and also having a blog can make things very confusing for a customer. You will have to send your customers from one website to another and then back again. Not to mention that no one is going to remember your two domain names, bookmark both sites, or share content from both sites. It’s just too complicated.

That is why having your own website is better – both your blog and your shop will reside under the same domain name.

You gain more referrals.

People definitely do buy from third party DIY websites. However, in the end, they will fail to remember the individual shop or seller that provided the products.

Selling from your own website with your own branding strategy will make it so much easier for them to remember you and your shop and then share it with others.

Search engine optimization.

With your own website, on your own domain, with access to your own proprietary source code, you will complete control over optimizing elements that affect SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for example changing page titles, setting keywords, adding meta descriptions, and getting website analytics that tell how your website visitors behave on the website.

These are just a few of the many benefits to having your own website. With that being said, why not make the decision now to have a web design company build you your own proprietary website? A business decision like that is one that will save you much time and effort – no regrets. 

AUTHOR: Lyndon Davis