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Email Marketing
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Email Marketing

Email marketing is a major source of networking for businesses. It is an integral aspect of building and maintaining your brand by keeping your name and products in the forefront of your client’s minds. If you’re not consistently sticking to an outreach strategy, then you’re losing money.

The reason many companies miss the opportunity to reach out to their clients consistently is because it can be incredibly time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be, we’ve got you covered.


Techleus is comprised of both a web design and marketing team. Therefore, we have experts on staff who are able to create and maintain an effective marketing plan for your company.


What is email marketing comprised of?

  • digital magazines
  • monthly newsletters
  • drip campaigns


An effective email marketing campaign is crafted to inform and inspire your audience to act. Our content writers know your product and inform your audience about your new products. While our copywriters spin that information in a way that will get your clients to use your services or buy your products.


No matter what size your business is, strategic client outreach will optimize your impact potential. At Techleus we work to create timely, concise, and applicable emails with subject lines that will increase your open rates.


You know you can help your clients. We help them see that.

Your loyal customers are waiting.


  • 1


    Define & Create

    Define your audience and create a campaign with a strong call to action.

  • 2


    Test & Send

    Each campaign is optimized and tested before it's considered ready to send.

  • 3


    Report & Change

    We review conversions, social shares, open rates, etc. Then we revise.

  • 4



    This is where we start all over again to continue building your brand.