3 Mistakes To Avoid To Keep Your Search Engine Ranking After A Website Redesign

Top SEO mistakes to avoid after a website redesign

This question is one we are being asked more often than any other, while a client is entertaining the thought of having their old website redesigned: “Will my website lose it’s good ranking with google if we get a website redesign?”.

The answer to that question completely depends on the web designer that built your new website. There are several things that your web designer/developer can do to ensure that your ranking remains the same, if not even better than it was. Be sure to keep these things in mind while picking a web design agency for your website redesign project. The underlying principle to SEO that will never change, is that if you don’t follow Google’s webmaster guidelines, google won’t follow you.

The first and most important thing to avoid is to change the website’s sitemap without adjusting it in google’s webmaster search console. If the sitemap is changed, be sure to inform google of the website redesign and to resubmit a sitemap that matches the old website’s content. Having clear, decisive instruction for google’s indexing spiders to follow will give your website a huge boost.

The second mistake to avoid is having the new website load more slowly than the old website. More often than not, new, modern websites require more resources to load due to more imagery, more CSS and more javascript (animation ) coding. To avoid this problem, you will need to have a web developer optimize the pages throughout the new website. A few things the developer should perform during the optimization will be to compress all images (we triple compress them), apply a caching technique to the page, browser and the server, and to optimize the source code of the page so that the visible parts of the page are loaded before the rest.

The third and last mistake to avoid is to strip out the bulk of your website’s content. At this day and age, web design is based on a “more is less” design principal. What often happens is that there is more emphasis placed on beautiful imagery and animation, then the textual content itself. To avoid this problem,  be sure to find yourself a web designer that can design elements around good content. Sacrificing high quality, relative content for design sake will definitely cost you your ranking with google.

AUTHOR: Lyndon Davis