Team using web design project management software

Let me tell you a bit about how my early career days looked like. As a freshman designer, I was really happy to jump on any project I could possibly find. I offered services such as custom web design, branding identity design for small businesses, website redesigns and logo design for startups. Expecting loads of work of different kinds, I set up a dedicated e-mail inbox to keep track of what’s going on and created a folder on my desktop proudly named ‘Projects I get paid for’. Then the communication from my clients started to pour in. And without a proper web design project management, I soon got pretty lost.

Here comes trouble

As the case is with most of the designers, at the beginning I’ve been working a lot with my friends and family members, and friends of friends who needed some design help. I’ve been getting logo files in the e-mail,  requests to change the font in Facebook chats, images to put on a website in texts, phone calls with feedback, and even new leads at the bars when getting a beer with friends on a weekend. Soon, my entire communication and file organization was a complete mess, I missed quite a few deadlines and had to update almost every single project because ‘stuff went missing’.

Being a web designer ain’t easy

Now, I’m not telling you this to show off my type B personality. As creatives, our minds often wander in search for the new ideas and we generate a crazy amount of projects-just-started-and-never-finished because a new concept seems even more interesting. Coming up with a branding strategy and web design process are complex creatures and without an incentive to get things done, we tend to jump on new projects and pushing the older ones to the sides of our memory. We need a way to keep us focused.

Web design project management software to the rescue!

That’s where the web design project management software comes in handy in many useful ways. Most of modern project management tools let their users schedule tasks and assign deadlines, track the progress of the projects, and keep every stage of the design process organized. One of the greatest advantages of using a web design project management software is better communication and improved collaboration. Everyone involved has an access to all information exchanged about the project and it’s easy to share files and comments.

All good web design project management tools have the ability to help the team keep a schedule and monitor their progress on every stage of the design process. The clients are able to track the progress in real time and can share their feedback and requests to make edits at every step of the way. Thanks to keeping everything in one place, everyone involved in the project has the access to the same information and it’s easy to complete the tasks according to the expectations and in a timely manner.

Web design company that does it right

At Techleus, we use Teamwork project management application. It allows us to store and share all project related files with ease. We can sort and organize the files related to branding identity, web design mockups, or WordPress development in relevant categories to make sure all files are easy to find. We communicate with our clients through the messaging system integrated with our e-mails, so whenever we get a comment or request we are able to respond and react quickly. Techleus clients can see the progress of their new website just by logging in to the platform and are able to comment on it and share their feedback. See the results for yourself in our portfolio! There are many advantages of using this system for both our clients and our team, and I wish I had the access to such tool before joining the best web design agency in San Diego!

AUTHOR: Liliana Gawrys

Lila Gawrys is a web designer and branding passionate with several years experience in web and graphic design industry. Currently works at Techleus and helps businesses to establish their brand and online presence. Privately loves dogs, ramen and black clothes.