Web Design Strategies

web design strategies

Web design strategies are dictated by website goals and purpose. It’s not enough just for a website to look pretty.

If a web design strategy is established before the project begins, then its’ success should be inevitable.

Let us go over 3 questions you should find the answers to before you hire a web design agency to develop your new website:

Who is your target audience?
Start by identifying your ideal avatar. Try writing down on a piece of paper, exactly what the perfect website visitor would be for your new website. 35 years old? Owns a house? Male? Female? Identifying your target audience plays an important roll in web design strategies, and it will help answer the next question:

What is the purpose of your new website? 

What prompted you to get this new website designed? What is the purpose of its’ existence? Will people use it as an educational resource or will it act as a lead generator?
Put yourself in the shoes of your visitors, and identify which kind would by from you or use your services. This is the target demographic that the website is built for and will strengthen the purpose of the web design strategies.

What is the primary action you want your visitors to take on your website?
The answer to this question is the most important one in the process of establishing web design strategies for your new website. The primary action that visitors should take on your website are effected by thing like content structure, branding strategy and conversion optimization. Do you want website visitors to call your phone number, visit your location in person? Fill out a contact form? These answers will drive the website’s purpose from the very beginning of the project.

For more information on what web design strategies actually are, have a read of this article written by Smashing magazine.

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AUTHOR: Lyndon Davis