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eCommerce web design is our specialty. From basic one-product shops to eCommerce websites built to handle millions of transactions, we do it all.
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eCommerce Web Design

eCommerce designs that convert visitors into customers

Our eCommerce web design service

All of our eCommerce web design projects are approached with an “outside of the box” mentality. At this day and age, it’s important to stand out from your competition. A well designed eCommerce website will always undermine it’s competition, and convert visitors into customers.

If you are considering investing in an eCommerce website of your own, give us a call for an obligation free quote, along with any other pointers you might need – we’d be happy to help.

How to get started on your eCommerce web design?

If you’re not sure if you’re ready, or how to go about starting a project like this, we have put together a checklist for you to refer to so that your eCommerce website is set up right the first time. If you have all these steps covered, you’ll have a much greater chance of success among your competitors.

Trusted CMS

Built on top of the world's most widely recognized content management systems, our eCommerce web designs give you 100% control of your products.

Sales first

An attractive eCommerce website is one thing, but an attractive eCommerce website that performs is even better. All of our eCommerce web designs are built to sell first.

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1. Create your eCommerce plan


tick Know what you are going to sell


This is the first step – determining what kind of eCommerce product you are going to offer to your customers. Having a good knowledge of what kind of product your eCommerce website will sell is obviously critical to the website’s success.


 tick Know your industry


How will you provide your products? What if there are other competitors who are selling the same product as you? What if they have better products than you? What makes your product better than your competitor’s? Knowing these answers will give you a head start to your eCommerce web design. In most cases, even if your competitor has a better product, if the website is designed better than their is, you will still prosper in the industry.


tick Know your target market


It’s easy to research your competition and find out what kind of industry you are about to start building on. But your audience and potential customers are the most vital part of your business’ success. Knowing who you would like the website to target will give us insight into how the website should be designed.


tick Decide on your business legals and policies


After ravaging through your business ideas, you need to setup some legal business information. Establishing a return and privacy policy could save you a lot of head ache in the future. Having your eCommerce web design display your legal policies will also create trust from the user’s point of view, while also preventing you from any unnecessary nasty lawsuits along the way. Prevention is better than cure. So in this part, it’s important that you take the necessary precautions to prevent things like a lack of stored products to deliver to your customers and plan and display the shipping methods that will apply to your  products.


Always be clear regarding the deliverance of your service for the customers to know what to expect along the way, then giving them the honest service that might potentially increase your value to the industry, leading to your first step of success.


2. Things you need to set up


tick Decide on a domain name and hosting


Always be precise with your domain and think of it in the mind of the users that will visit your eCommerce website. After you decide on a name, you can purchase it from the hundreds of domain name registrars on the internet. A widely recognized provider that we’d recommend would be godaddy. Once you’ve registered your domain name, you will need to host the domain on a server. If you’d like to check out our web hosting service, click here to read more about it.


tick Decide on a phone policy


If you plan on having a good reputation for customer service, then your best bet is to register a phone number for your new eCommerce website. Emailing might prove to be a hassle for customers that want a fast, direct method of communication.


tick Decide on drop-shipping


Vision where you would like to store your inventory. At this day and age, physical storage for your products might not be necessary. Thankfully, an alternative you should consider is drop-shipping. When an order is made by your customers, you then request the ordered item from a third-party distributor and ship directly to your customers. This is especially effective when products are dependent on industries like fashion-trend or seasons like winter and summer. You can learn more about drop shipping here.


tick Setup a business bank account & merchant account

It is not wise to mix your business and personal bank accounts together. Your business will always need its’ own bank account. You might also need to set up a merchant account for accepting credit card payments online. An alternative to this would be to use an online payment gateway that accepts credit cards as payments, such as paypal, Square or Stripe.


tick Choose your pricing model


Another important part of your business model is your ability to set prices for your products. Keep in mind what the product is all about and what is made of, or the quality of your product to be precise. Experiment and don’t be afraid to take risks because that’s what business is all about from your own point of view, gaining new perspective through experiences.


3. Your website’s details


tick Your website’s content


Having an aesthetic eCommerce web design will give your business a major head start in your industry. With that being said, understanding how a good eCommerce web design means that you understand how important its content is. You need write good, readable textual content that compliment’s the web design, along with any other business contact details and FAQ answers that will help customers reach out to you and your services.


tick Which website software platform


Plan what kind of functionality you would like your eCommerce website to have if you are looking for a web design company to start building your website. Remember that change is constant so not only the flexibility of your business is important but also the functionality of your eCommerce website. For ease of use, consider taking advantage of Content Management Systems (CMS) since it’s purpose is for business people like you, who will be managing and maintaining their eCommerce website once the eCommerce web design is completed.


tick Write your product descriptions


It is important to spend a good amount of time on writing proper product descriptions. Or perhaps you should consider paying a professional copy writer to create powerful descriptions for your eCommerce web design. They should be informative and sell itself to the user so that they feel like your product will solve their current needs.


tick Get an SSL certificate


To protect all your personal information from the digital world, you should verify and license your eCommerce web design with an SSL certificate. This will encrypt all the data that is passing to and from your website’s server, and the user’s browser. This will also create trust and security from the user’s point of view, when they see a green padlock next to your website’s URL. Ask us about this service for more information.


tick Write your privacy policy


Helping your valued customers know exactly what will happen when they put their personal information online is a very important step, since it will be the last point users will have to agree on before making a purchase. Create a privacy policy for your users to see exactly what will happen to their information after they have shared it in order to receive their product purchase.


tick Create a marketing plan


Once your eCommerce web design has been completed, and your website can be viewed online, you need to start thinking about it will gain visitors. Optimizing your website through Search Engine Optimization is one way to get your eCommerce website ranked on Google, Yahoo, Bing and any other major search engines. Please note that all of our web designs are competely SEO optimized as it is a part of our web design process. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is also another strategy to gain visitors, a very effective marketing method that will charge you a certain amount every time someone clicks on an ad that leads to your website. We offer PPC and SEO services to all of our web design clients.


tick Measure everything with analytics


To gain reliable information about your products and business mostly, it’s important to use a traffic tracking software on your website. We use Google Analytics on all of our websites, which is completely free. It will monitor the number of visitors your eCommerce website is receiving, as well as where they came from, how long they stayed for, what pages they visited and what products they favored.


4. handling your sales


tick Handling international orders


If you ever choose to ship internationally with your products, you need to have correct stages for processing these orders when charging for purchases and shipping. Since it is more expensive, and each country will have different restrictions on what can be imported and exported. It is important that you ensure these policies are decided on and are in place before taking the order.


tick Handling unhappy customers


Another part that will effect your website’s performance is the way you handle unsatisfied or unhappy feedback from your customers. It is important to keep the lines of communication open and to avoid unnecessary delays that might have the customer to think you don’t care about their problem or complaint. Always be transparent and loyal to your valued customers because that is what your business will depend on – your relationship with customers.

Ensure that you always stick with them regardless of what the situations may be. Then at the end of the day, you’ve had the best experience of your life – giving your customers the best that you can offer.

We build amazing eCommerce websites

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